Q&A with Club Kid Christina

Here are some of Christina’s Q&A’s from some of her live shows at Danceteria and Tunnel.

Q: How long have you been in show business?

A: I’ve been in show business for the last five years and the last three minutes.

Q: Tell us your fantasy.

A: My fantasies, one fantasy is to torture an audience while I get the greatest pleasure I can imagine.

Q: Do you have any boyfriends right now?

A: Yes!

Q: What started you in show business?

A: I got tired of pure exhibitionism without the right size audience. I consider this one (audience) just about the right size.

Q: Are you buddies with (Drag queen) Wayne County?

A: I’m thrilled with Wayne County. I’m thrilled with anybody who is sexy and has a lot of nerve. That’s the main thing, you’ve got to have a lot of nerve.

Q: How many times do you get laid, a day?

A: Me? Six to eight times. On a good day, okay?

Q: What have you learned from the men in your life?

A: The one thing that I have learned from men is they get red and yellow and pink and white.. and black and white, there are options and (are) actually a distraction from the horizontal and vertical that wrecks your TV screen.

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