10 More Thing’s You Don’t Know About Christina

I was looking through my notes for an upcoming blog that I’m working on and I found enough random facts for another 10 things blog. So here is another 10 things you might not know about club kid Christina.

  1. The contents of her purse: She revealed to Nelson Sullivan that she kept the following items in her purse. Cigarettes, lighter, handkerchiefs, about 6 or 8 tapes, a couple of plastic make-up containers of her own design, make-up, Walkman and headphones.
  2. Her wig was inspired by Liz Lizzard: Christina’s back combed, more voluminous wig was inspired by photographer Liz Lizzard’s hairdo. Lizzard Photographed Christina at “In the Dark Studio” in New York.
  3. She saw herself as a sex object: She told Nelson Sullivan “Obviously i’m incapable of performing as anything other than a sex object, really.”. When she was startled by a man who approached her, asking for change, she muttered “I’m a sexual object, not stupid.
  4. Her TV was turned on it’s side. While visiting with Nelson Sullivan they watched wrestling on TV, which she had turned on it’s side. she told Sullivan (Of the TV) “It’s a big leg show on the right.. all those people lying down are actually standing up.”
  5. The song she got ready to: She got ready to “Build me a Woman’ By the doors, before she would go out. She told an audience “Jim wrote me a song” I listen to it whenever I’m making up, getting ready to go out.
  6. The thick German accent wasn’t real: When Christina was happy or whenever she was surprised or something unexpected happened, the thick accent quickly disappeared and Christina would speak in a more American, natural sounding voice.
  7. She Had serious a foot Injury weeks before her death: A couple of weeks before she died, Christina was walking with the aid of a cane through out the evening, her heels were replaced with ballet flats. When Nelson asked her what happened, she told him “I can wear the heels if I really wish but It really is a dead woman in a wheelchair look. Days before she died, Nelson visited her, she was wearing her favorite dress and combat boots.
  8. She claimed to have encountered the ghost of Sid Vicious: In Nelson Sullivan’s World Of Wonder, Christina said that on multiple occasions she had encountered the ghost of (former Chelsea resident) Sid Vicious. She said during the encounters he “would attack me sexually and suck on my nipples.”
  9. She regularly claimed to be dead: She repeatedly told Sullivan, very casually that she was dead, preparing for death, or describing moments when she came close to death. When greeted by an acquaintance outside of Florent restaurant telling her “I like your staff (cane). Christina replied “Thank you, I’m already dead.”
  10. Her other friend: Aside from Nelson Sullivan, Christina only real friend was New York professional party thrower and host, Andy Anderson, who extended invitations to Christina for all of his parties and his Birthday.

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