Club Kid Richie Rich, Update

This is an update on what happened with former club kid and Heatherette founder Richie Rich, my last blog ended after 2011, Here’s what we know about what’s happened to him since

On February 18, 2013 Page contacted Rich to address rumors that he was now Homeless. here’s an excerpt, “Contacted on Friday, Rich denied the rumors and said he simply moved out of an apartment after his landlord decided to make the building a co-op. “Then I went to see my family for a month. I wanted to recharge my batteries a little bit,” he told us. ”

On August 4, 2013, The published an article called “Heatherette Designer Richie Rich Arrested” Here is some of what they wrote, “He was summoned to court in Manhattan this week after being arrested at the Westin Times Square for skipping out on a massive hotel bill and charged with theft by “failure to pay based on stealth.” “. The charge was for an 1800 dollar hotel bill.

On September 14, 2014, reported that Richie was launching a new clothing line called Pan-O-Ramic. They wrote, “A distinctive platinum blond head, wearing a bowler hat, makes its way through the throng, and the crowd calls his name. “It’s Richie Rich — club kid icon, pop culture star, co-founder of cult favorite label Heatherette and now maestro of a new fashion line launching tonight.”

You can follow him on twitter at @RichieRichWorld.


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