Did Club Kid Christina Commit Suicide? UPDATE:

This is a follow up to my last post. In my research into the circumstances of Christina’s death in may of 1989. I concluded that there was not enough information to draw any conclusions. While I still believe this to be true some new information I have come across may shed some light on the events leading up to her death.

In episode #251 of Pee-ew, which can be found on YouTube or michaelalig.com, Former Club Kid leader Michael received a question about his reaction to Christina’s death. Was he indifferent to it like was portrayed in the 2002 move “Party Monster”? or was he shaken to the core? Here is how Alig responded. “I wasn’t indifferent or shaken to my core.” He went on to say “It wasn’t exactly expected but it wasn’t a shock either. She was kind of teetering on the edge at that point”

Alig then describes some of the events leading up to her death “She’d gotten all that trouble at the Pyramid” He goes on to say “She poked a guy in the eye with the microphone stand at one of her shows at the Pyramid and the police were looking for her. The guy charged her with assault and she was afraid of going to prison and so she was hiding out at the Chelsea Hotel.” By this point Alg says that Cristina “wasn’t talking to anybody and was kind of like lapsing into this state of like kind of psychotic you know it didn’t come as much of a shock to anyone”

While this does not prove she committed suicide, It does provide a potential motive for Christina to end her life. It should be noted that although the text on the video says alig reacts to Cristina’s suicide, In the actual video, he never actually claims that she committed suicide and the question it self does not ask about suicide but rather his reaction to her “death”

There is however enough information to conclude that Christina was not only a drag queen by profession but was also living as a transgender woman (going out in the day and living day to day life as Christine.) She was also clearly a vulnerable target to the people she came into contact with on a daily basis.( This has been documented in nelson Sullivan’s videos on YouTube channel 5th avenue project) Here is an example from the video “Christina Screentest” in her own words speaking to her friend Sullivan “How embarrassed I was when I saw those last films you took of me after I realized that someone had thrown acid in my face.” Christina continued “You think the people who threw acid in my face were fabulous people right?” Again not conclusive but the video documentation of Christina by Nelson Sullivan does provide evidence of Christina’s plight.

Rude comments, dirty looks, or worse still the large potion of people who in her community seemed dismissive and occasionally mean spirited towards her. So it still conceivable that Christina could have met her end by someone else’s hands.I will continue to post more updates on this as I come across more information.

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