Nelson Sullivan talks Christina’s Death Details

The last two posts about Club Christina’s death were uploaded on my YouTube Channel Retro Room last month. One of the comments pointed me to this video of Nelson Sullivan discussing some of the details of her death on the phone with Michael Musto and apparently Musto couldn’t have cared less. The video is called “Getting Ready for the Love Machine” uploaded by 5ninthavenueproject. The exchange begins at about 1:53.

Sullivan tells Michael “they had to identify Christina’s body from dental records.” Musto responds through the speaker phone with an audible groan. Nelson continues “because it had been five days. Her parents went through a bureaucratic hell for a week.” Michael asks ” How did they identify her? Tongue was on her upper lip?”. “No” Sullivan says “and they had her cremated.”

At this point there is a pause where Musto again sighs or mumbles then Nelson continues “So it’s really gruesome, I’m finding more out about it I’ll fill you in.” Michael Musto responds with “Is there going to be photographs of the decomposed corpse?”. No! Nelson replies.

At this point, Albert, who is off camera says “Now wait, how can a corpse decompose so fast in five days..” Sullivan interrupts “Albert! You really go fast in this heat and everything”. “Not that fast” Albert responds “but then again Tina was pretty old.” Musto laughs “She was already half way there.”. “That’s what I mean” Albert goes on ” She wasn’t healthy.. I’m sure a healthy body doesn’t decompose in five days.” Michael replies “they’re probably all maggots” before a sad faced Sullivan changes the subject you can hear someone of camera say “She was a pharmacist.. She bound herself up”.

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