Madonna’s Top 5 Worst Albums

During the 80’s Madonna ruled the pop charts selling hundreds of millions of albums and producing hit single after hit single, Madonna inspired legions of wannabies and established her self as one of the most popular pop musicians of the decade. For years it seemed as though she couldn’t fail but in the years since we have discovered that not every one of her studio albums would be as well received by her fans. Here are the top 5 worst, Madonna studio albums according to record sales (Not my personal opinion).

#5: Erotica, 1992

At the beginning of the nineties, public opinion was turning against the material girl. In 1992, She released her controversial “SEX” book and the flop film thriller “Body of Evidence”. That year People Magazine included “SEX” in their years worst book list. They included “Body of Evidence” in their worst movie list and “Erotica” was listed under the worst albums of the year. In the very same issue they listed Madge as one of the years most fascinating people. The response from readers was brutal. One readers comment sums up the gist of what readers had to say ” Sex, worst book, Body of Evidence, worst film, Erotica, worst album? Yet you still named Madonna as one of the most fascinating people of 92? The only thing fascinating about that hag is when will she dry up, blow away and spare us the continuing agony.” Erotica sold only 6 million copies.

#4: American Life, 2003

Blowback again for Madonna when she is depicted throwing a live grenade at a President Bush look alike. Madonna was forced to re-edit the video. Aside from that, the album received criticism for having few standout songs and ridicule for her less than stellar rapping skills. Although her album tour was a success, the album it’s self sold only 5 million copies.

#3: Hard Candy, 2008

Hard Candy received criticism for sub standard lyrics, over produced tracks, and relying to heavily on collaborations with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Timberland, Kane West and Pharrell. Although critics acknowledge that it had it’s dance highlights, Hard candy went on to sell only 4 million copies.

#2: MDNA, 2012

Although MDNA opened at #1, it fell hard after the first week. Religious groups were upset about her violent lyrics, drug references and claimed that parts of MDNA tour were satanic. Collaborations with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A couldn’t help album sales, MDNA sold only 1.8 million copies.

#1. Rebel Heart, 2015

The worst selling Madonna studio album was plagued by claim’s of cultural appropriation with her album art, Satanic Imagery in her live performance of “living for love” and the perception that her song “Illuminati” was some kind of confirmation that she was in fact somehow working for the satanic secret society. These factors combined to make Rebel Hart an epic flop, with even die hard fan’s saying “no thanks” Rebel heart to date has sold only 238 thousand copies.


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