10 Things You Don’t Know About Christina Club Kid

While doing research for my previous blogs I found out some interesting things about Christina that didn’t quite fit into any of my previous blogs. So for those who are curious about the life of the Club Kid here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Christina.

  1. She was an artist. Most of the artwork on her walls in the Chelsea hotel was Christina’s work. Posters and paintings, most of which prominently featured Christina herself.
  2. Nelson Sullivan wanted Christina to design T-shirts for him. He planned to wear a lot of really amazing T-shirts on the show that he planned to have. He wanted Christina to design a lot of the shirts he planned to feature.
  3. Her dream was to be in music video’s. She revealed to Nelson Sullivan that she really saw herself performing in music video’s, she loved to be in front of the camera (maybe that’s one of the reasons they got on so well).
  4. She never really clicked with anyone. She revealed, when she thought about the fact that there was never anyone in her life close enough to her, to be able to finish her sentences. The thought of it made her want to cry
  5. She dreaded going outside during the day. She avoided it whenever possible because of the abuse she received from people. She revealed to Sullivan that she longed to lie in the sun but she couldn’t.
  6. Designer Betsy Johnson wanted Christina to stop wearing her dress. Johnston was a fellow resident at the Chelsea hotel and the woman that designed Christina’s favorite dress. “I think she still likes me, but she want’s me to stop wearing this dress.” Christina said in 89.
  7. Her Favorite TV show was Donahue. Saying “I never really watch anything else.
  8. Her Legal name/alias was Chris Smith. She was registered at the Chelsea under the name Chris Smith and her 87 birthday cake read “Happy Birthday Christian.
  9. She though Andy Warhol was still alive. She believed that his death might be some kind of publicity stunt.
  10. She had a weird relationship with her answering machine. Revealing to Sullivan on one visit that she had spent her day trying to build a body for her answering machine saying “she really needs one.”. Then on another occasion she told Sullivan that if he wanted to be in the video too she would get her answering machine to film it “She’s capable of doing that you know.”

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