10 Things You Should Forget Before Watching The New Roseanne Reboot

I’m so excited that the original cast of Roseanne is returning for a new 9 episode season. It will take place as if the last season never occurred. So here are 10 things you need to forget before you watch the reboot.

  1. They won the lottery. When Rosanne returns they will still be a working class family.
  2. Roseanne’s mom Bev was gay. She came out in the last season so forget about that being mentioned.
  3. Blue’s Traveller sang the theme song for the last season. Forget it, It never Happened.
  4. Roseanne and Jackie met Eddie and Patsy in a bizarre crossover.
  5. They bought the Wellman plant. They save all the factories workers jobs when they buy out the old Wellman plant, turning it over to the workers.
  6. Dan’s mom tried to kill him. She was released from the hospital and tries to take revenge on Dan for putting her in a mental hospital.
  7. Jackie Dates prince Carlos of Moldavia. Jim Varney Plays Prince Carlos. Jackie finds out he has married another woman in the tabloids.
  8. Dan Had an affair. When Dan takes his mother to California, he began an affair with
  9. Rosanne defeats a train full of terrorists. The train she is on gets hijacked by a the Monistat Seven. Rosanne turns the tide and kicks some butt. Steven Segal Cameo’s.
  10. Dan Died. She revealed in the final episode that Dan died of a heart attack and the whole last season was a book she wrote afterwards. This is something most fans will be only too happy to forget.

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