Top 5 Madonna Albums

I have previously written a blog listing the five worst Madonna studio albums. This time I want to take a look at the best of the best Madonna, so here are the top 5 Madonna studio albums by album sales.

5. Like a Prayer, 1989

The title track was amazing enough, but combined that with “Express Yourself” and “cherish” as follow up releases and a duet with Prince, Like a Prayer was a huge commercial success selling 15 Million copies

4. Music, 2000

“Hey, Mr. DJ. Put a record on..” I want to sell 15.5 Million copies. Music was a huge success for Madonna as she let us all know that cowboy hats were back.

3. Ray of Light, 1996

Madonna hit it out of the ball park with this 96 album. Hit singles Ray of Light and frozen combined with almost universal praise for the album pushed this one over the top selling 20 million copies.

2. Like a virgin, 1984

This time controversy didn’t hurt Madonna. Religious groups were upset about both lyrics in the title track and name of the album. But they were even more upset about the song “dress you up” which they labelled as “filth”. All of this couldn’t stop Madonna from selling 21 million copies

Number 1. True Blue, 1986

This one was Huge! Singles, Papa don’t preach, open your heart, true blue and live to tell propelled True blue to the top spot, selling an amazing 25 million copies.

There is one album that surpassed even True blue, It was Madonna’s first Compilation, The Immaculate Collection which sold an unbelievable 30 million copies, cause she’s Madonna, bitch.

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