What Happened To Robert “Freeze” Riggs

Born January 3, 1968 Robert “Freeze” Riggs was a club kid in new York; He was both, one of Michael Alig’s inner circle and his roommate. He was also allegedly one of 2 drug dealers that Alig kept in his entourage, the other, being Angel Melendez; Who Riggs and Alig killed in their shared apartment on march 17, 1996.

In episode 63 of the Pee-ew, on the YouTube channel of the same name. Ernie Glam talks about; when nice people become a”Drug Messes” It becomes very difficult to have relationships with them. Speaking of Freeze specifically he said ” In the case of Freeze, he did a lot of coke with Bella .. and they both kind of became bitchy because cocaine make you bitchy.” Later Alig commented that he felt that Party Monsters portrayal of Riggs was 1 dimensional.

Michael Alig also recalls a trip Freeze had taken with DJ Keoki to London, “(he) was wearing the six, six, six shirt, with Satan down the sleeve and everything and (he was) high on heroin and customs, not letting him in because he couldn’t walk.”

In October of 1997 Riggs pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter for the murder of Andre “Angel” Menendez and was sentenced to 10 to 20 years. Freeze began serving his sentence on October 27, 1997 when he arrived at the Woodbourne Correctional Facility; a medium security men’s prison in New York, as inmate 97A6627.

After serving 12 years and 5 months, Riggs was given conditional release on March 30, 2010. One of the conditions or his release was that he could have no direct or indirect contact with Michael Alig. Freeze was released early from parole supervision on May 16, 2013. His maximum date for parole supervision was November 30, 2016 (Same as alig) since which time they have been fee to resume contact if they so choose.

On June 28, 2012 an article was published by CUNY about Riggs called “Robert Riggs: Urban Anthropology and Mass Incarceration”.  They wrote that Riggs “is a research associate with the Bard Prison Initiative, a program offering college coursework and degrees to prisoners in five New York Prisons..Riggs has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in Sociology at NYU, with a five-year Henry McCracken Fellowship.’

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