What Happened To DJ Keoki

Born George Lopez on October 23 1966 in El Salvidore, DJ Keoki is a Salvadorian American who was raised in Hawaii. He got his start being a busboy at the Danceteria bar, while simultaneously working for several airlines.

This is around the time when he met and had a relationship with Club Kid leader Michael Alig. The two also became business partners. In 2011 he was Interviewed by James St. James for daily freak show. He told St. James that he had quit doing drug due to having a heart attack. James said “it’s (the heart attack) obviously from 25 years of hard living.” As to weather the heart attack had forced him to face his mortality, Keoki said “It  happened years ago.. It was during the club kid era when all that drama went down.. I realized that life is short and nothing lasts forever.”

Keoki went on to reveal that he had left New York because of the way he was treated after Alig’s arrest. “People thought I had something to do with it.” He also offered an apology to Larry Tee for an incident at his club years ago, which culminated in Keoki attempting to ambush Tee in the ally outside the club.

Keoki has enjoyed success over the years releasing more than 17 studio albums. In 2014 he had a sit down with Michael Alig where he revealed that he was planning to move back to New York and was preparing to released his 18th album.

On January 6 2017, Keoki was arrested, after a former NBC producer (Thomas Felty) died of an suspected drug overdose in an apartment, Keoki was staying in. The charges were “suspicion of holding drugs and possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. He also had a warrant; the details of which were unavailable. As reported by LAWeekley.com.

On June 8 2017 Keoki released a statement on his Facebook page addressing the situation. Here is some of what he wrote, “I’d like to apologize for being an ass these past months, and I want everyone to know that the recent tragic events in my life have had a dramatic effect on me and I’m finally ready to stop. ..Drugs had opened a gateway to hell for me. I accept this and blame no one but myself. Thankfully, after an investigation, all the charges leveled against me have been dismissed.”


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