Cult Actress Sylvia Miles

Watching Sylvia Miles through the lens of Nelsons Sullivan’s camera, One marvels at her eccentricities. She has no patience for repeating her self, she’s hilariously irritable and everything in her home and her life has to be just how it makes sense to her. But who is she?

First she is a two time Academy Award Nominee. First, as best supporting actress for her role in Midnight Cowboy, 1969. Her second nomination (again for Best Supporting Actress) in 1975, for Farewell, My Lovely. She also appeared in The Oliver Stone 1987 film, Wall Street and the 1989 comedy She-Devil. She also appeared in Sex and the City.

In a people magazine article from 1988 called “Forget That Trinket in Her Right Hand—Actress Sylvia Miles’ Biggest Fan Is Sylvia Miles” John stark wrote, “She once dumped a plateful of pâté, steak tartare, Brie and potato salad on critic John Simon’s head after an unflattering review.” The article goes on to talk of Miles’ third husband and  New York disc jockey Ted Brown’s claim that he has paid Miles between 200 000 and 300, 000 in alimony since their 1970 divorce. He will have to continue paying unless she remarries. When asked if he thought that Miles might marry again, he replied, “Unfortunately, Godzilla wouldn’t have her, .. though she’d marry him if she thought it would get her a part.”

Miles has also developed a cult following due to her associations with Andy Warhol (she appeared in his 1972 film, Heat) and Paul Morrissey; her increasingly over the top appearances and her willingness to attend any public function. Wayland Flowers coined the phrase  “Sylvia Miles and Andy Warhol would attend the opening of an envelope.”

On May 30, 2014, it was reported that Miles had been hospitalized with apparent severe Anemia.


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