What Happened To Club Kid Jenny Talia

Jenny Talia or Jenny Dembrow was the club kid “It” girl due to her shaved head and her prominence within the limelight crew. She became a club kid at the age of 15 and in interview she did with James St. James for the Daily Freak show, They discuss how the fist met on the Donahue show. “You put a mask on.” James said. “Yes,” Jenny replied, “Well because I wasn’t quite out to my parents, that I was working in night clubs at the age of 15.”

By the time she stepped away from the scene, just before Michael Aligs arrest, she was still only 19 years old. She visited him several times while he was in prison,a nd remained supportive of him publicly throughout his incarceration.

Her prominence at the limelight is both due to her modeling gig for designer Calvin Klein and an alleged affair between Talia and Lime light owner Peter Gatien. New York Magazine had a short article about Jenny Talia published on Feb 5, 1996 called “Gatien’s Girl Horrified By Jenny Talia” written by Beth Landmen and Deborah Mitchell. Here is some of what they wrote, “Peter Gatien.. has separated from his 27 year old common-law wife and business partner Alessandra Kobayashi, daughter of Benihana mogel, Rocky Aoki.. Sources claim the breakup was prompted by Gatien’s long time girlfriend a bald multi pierced, 19 year old club kid and one time CK model.. Jenny Talia (who) met Gatien through daughter, Amy.”

In 2009, (Now going by) Jenny Dembrow, (who is now married) told James St. James that she was Associate Executive Director of the lower east side girls club, and New York Magazine reported that she had become a mother. She has a public facebook page you can follow under Jenny Dembrow.

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