Club Kid Julie Jewels

Jewels is credited with being one of the founding members of the club kids. Picture of her appeared in  Interview and Details magazine. She was also the editor of Michel Aligs Project X magazine, for which she was also an occasional contributing writer, celebrating fashion and club kids.

In an article for the village voice, Michael Musto Named Jewels one of the 10 best “it” girls in history. He wrote that Michael ” and his boyfriend Keoki declared someone named Julie Jewels as the queen of the night, claiming she was some kind of Russian royalty. She wasn’t even really Russian — the accent was as fake as the furs — but she was a fun figure for a while”.

In an article for NY Magazine, called diva’s of dish, Musto was asked if he had ever been sued. He responded ” I was threatened by .. a washed-up former club kid named Julie Jewels. When he was asked what he could have said to malign Julie Jewels; Musto replied ” I didn’t mention her. Laughter.”

On February 22, 1996; New York Magazine published an article, documenting the meeting for Michal Alig’s 10 year club kid membership committee. Alig was quoted, saying ” I hate Julie Jewels. Can we make this the I hate Julie Jewels party?” Two days later, Alig relented and Jewels was added to the membership list.

In a blog post called style Icons of your: Julie Jewels. The author claimed, She married a record industry guy and poof! She vanished from the public eye not long thereafter.

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