6 Club Kids Who’ve Had Run Ins With The Law

Here is a list of  6 former club kids that have had run in’s with the law over the years. Besides the obvious Micael Alig arrest, of course.

Christina Superstar: In the late 80’s Christina was taken a way in hand cuffs and escorted her to jail after allegedly assaulting an audience member during one of her show’s, Jumping off the stage and striking the man in the eye with a mic stand.

Richie Rich: In 2013 Richie Rich, the Heaterette designer was arrested at the Westin Times Square and charged with theft by failure to pay based on stealth, relating to an $1800.00 hotel bill.

Lahoma Van Zandt: Nelson Sullivan documented a tense exchange between Van Zandt and a police officer who pulled her over in 1988. She was pulled over for a tail light after a few minutes the cop sent Lahoma on her way.

DJ Keoki: On January 6 2017, Keoki was arrested, after former NBC producer (Thomas Felty) died of an overdose in an apartment, Keoki was staying in. The charges were “suspicion of holding drugs and possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. After an investigation the charges were dropped.

Astro Earl: In April, 2017 Astro Erle was arrested for graffiti and public urination, ” they got me on 2 counts.” Erle said. Astro spent 19 hours in jail and said of the experience, “No food, No water.”

Brooke Humphries: Humphries,who was to be a key witness In the Peter Gatien Trial; Had to be dropped after being arrested in January of 1998 “and charged with lying to prosecutors when she denied to them that she had resumed selling drugs in violation of her own plea deal and cooperation agreement in the Gatien case” as reported by the New York Times. She spent several years in prison.

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