Christina Superstar’s Former Girlfriend Corrects The Record

I received an email several weeks back from Lori Gurski, In regard’s to former club Kid Christina Superstar. “If you’re looking for any information regarding Chris Smith, otherwise known as Christina I am the person to contact. I was his significant other as of 1981 when we met in Pittsburgh. I loved him dearly and his end was tragic and so sad.” Needless to say I was very grateful, she decided to contact me.

Lori explained why she contacted me, “Glad to share information as people don’t know the real Chris/Christina. I’m just wondering what you are planning to do with this information as if it is to be shared then I want it to be accurate. There is so much false information out there regarding her/his life.” .

All of the information she shared with me; I will be relating to you through her direct quotes.

Lori was kind enough to give me some more details on Christina, many of which I was able to verify with my own research into Superstar. I am confident enough to say that Lori is the “real deal”.

Gurski wrote, “Chris grew up in an area of Pittsburgh called Mount Lebanon. When we met he was attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After he graduated we moved to New York. We lived at the Chelsea Hotel until we found an apartment. We resided at 220 Park Avenue South, Apt. 5A. It was a studio apartment with a loft. Lovely area. He was eventually evicted from there and so he moved back to the Chelsea until his death. By the time he moved back to the Chelsea we were no longer together. He continued to contact me periodically but it was rather difficult for me as he had become someone I no longer knew.”

In regards to the alleged incident at the Pyramid club, where Christina attacked a member of her audience with a mic stand; Here is what Lori wrote, “Christina went to jail following the incident at the Pyramid Club. She called me after she was released and spoke of the horrible treatment or lack of while there. She mentioned that they did not give her the medications she required such as her insulin. Escorted her to court but the case was continued but (I) don’t know the reason. She didn’t go to court dressed as Christina but as Chris in proper attire.”

Christina’s revalation about her arrest didn’t shock Lori; she wrote “When we talked about the incident I was not surprised as she was both mentally and physically abusive to me through out our relationship. She was diagnosed schizophrenic and received treatment in her adolescent years but never continued treatment or took medication for her illness. The only psychiatrists she saw was for clearance to undergo gender change. “

Gorski Went on to write about Christina’s transition, “She started taking hormones during our time together but never really committed to going any further as she often spoke of how she loved her penis.”

In my response to Lori I posed the following question, ” It has been suggested that this arrest (at the Pyramid) led her to take.. (her) own life. Do you know if this is true, or was his passing unrelated?” Lori responded, “Christina’s death was not related to the incident at Pyramid Club. Her health had been deteriorating for awhile. I spoke with his father after the death and I know an autopsy was being performed. His father never revealed the results to me. His father is still living I believe but his mother is deceased. His brother Tom is living and his sister Sarah is deceased.”

Again, I would like to thank Lori for sharing this information as it answered some questions and gives us all more insight into the life and times of Christina Superstar.

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