Club Kid Walt Paper, What Happened

Born in Los Alamitos, California. Walt Paper became a central figure in the New York Club Kids during the 1990’s appearing on the Joan Rivers Show alongside Michael Alig and Richie Rich. He also functioned as Michael’s assistant for a time. He has since said of the experience, “The nightclub for me was like a laboratory, a place where you were encouraged and rewarded for experimentation.”

In 2014, Walt was interviewed by HUFF POST. Here is some of what he said, “I came to New York as a teenage art student after spending high school in the hardcore music scene as a “political punk.” I was fascinated with tribal culture, and had intended to move to Africa but got side tracked on a clubbing trip to NYC.”

Paper went on to detail how he got the name Walt Paper, “I needed a catchy name. Since I made drawings and was doing club decor, I took on the name Walt Paper. It seemed to roll off the tongue and also would’ve been a good street tag.” It wasn’t long before he became a member of the club kids, “Each of us had come under the mentorship of Michael Alig, who was directing a fantastic melange of parties, events, summits, appearances and a magazine for Peter Gatien’s conglomerate of mega clubs, with the help of key people like Ernie Glam and Julie Jewels.”


In 1995 Walt was a founding member of the band BOOB, which performed at Peter Gation clubs, The Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and Club USA. The band was notable for their over the top, gender bending appearance.

Paper has since appeared in the 1998 Party Monster Shockumentary , as well as the 2003 film of the same name. In 2004, Walt appeared in the film Rock Star and in 2015 he appeared in the documentary Glory Daze: The life and Times of Michael Alig.

Currently Paper works as an artist in New York using the mediums of photography, Sculpture and Illustrations. His work has been featured in at least 7 exhibitions across the US; between 2006 and 2011.


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