Christina Superstar 87 BDay Update

I wrote a previous blog detailing the events that took place at Christina’s 1987 Birthday at the Tunnel. I have an update on the people and events of that night.

First the party was tagged as Christina’s 25th birthday. The Queen who was hosting that night (was a drag performer who went by the stage name Taboo!); Made a joke about guessing that Christina was  about 49 then said but we will go with 25. Through my correspondence with Christina’s Ex, Lori Gurski  who we now know that based on her birthdate it was Superstar’s 33rd birthday.

In Episode #151 of the Pee-ew, with Michael and Ernie Glam, Michael and Ernie were correcting the “untruths” that James St James wrote in his book, Disco Boodbath. Alig said “The thing that I threw cake at Christina and caused her to go psychotic and come at at everybody with a hatchet.” Glam interjects, ” That is documented on Nelson Sullivan’s video and it’s clear that you did not throw cake at her.” Alig says, “Right, Michelangelo Signorile did that.”

As someone who has viewed the video footage of that night, more than 6 times beginning to end, I feel confident enough to conclude that it was not Alig who threw the cake. He was not even in the near vicinity when it happened. There is also no evidence that there was a knife at all. When Christina asked for her hammer to be returned before the cake cutting she was told she was not allowed any sharp objects. When she was asked to cut her cake, she was offered the hammer, not a knife.

Project X magazine has mentioned Signorile a couple of times during the 90’s. In one instance the article said that “outing” celebrities had be come a new “thing” since Signorile had gotten the ball rolling, although Project X offered no specifics as to whom Michelangelo had outed. The second time Michelangelo was put in the “out” column in The magazines In and Out feature; being replaced by Michael Musto in the “in” column.

A quick google search, tells us that Michelangelo is now a radio host for serious xm radio and an author on LGBTQ issues.

The final piece that I have to share was about Christina’s BEEFEATER poster, that was placed behind her on stage. Lori Gurski wrote that, “Her beverage of choice was Beefeater Gin.

Once again I would like to thank Lori for sharing information about Christina.

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