8 Things Nelson Sullivan’s Camera Caught in 4 Min.

As an example of how prolific the work of Nelson Sullivan continues to be, to this day I’ve decided to make a list of the things captured by Sullivan’s camera in one, 4 minute video. The name of the video is RuPaul & Lahoma’s Photo Session at Super Sex-O-Rama. The video was published on YouTube by 5ninyhavenueproject.

  1. at 0:42 a man named Ely approaches Lahoma as they cross the street and tries to pick her up. Asking her to go into an adult movie with him. Lahoma, declines the offer.
  2. at 1:05 the same man asks Rupaul to see the adult movie with him. Rupaul replies, “No thanks.”
  3. at 1:34 they begin an impromptu photo shoot outside of an adult store.
  4. at 2:06 they finished the photo shoot as an employee exit’s the store to chase them away.
  5. at 2:36 they stop in front of another adult store for another impromptu photo shoot.
  6. at 3:00 minutes one of Nelson’s friends Floyd gets assaulted by some random guy on the street.
  7. at 3:06 Floyd moon’s his assaulter as he walks away saying, “Bye boys.”
  8. at 3:20 Sullivan scolds the rest of his friends for failing to notice the assault, saying “You people don’t notice anything”

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