Tucker Carlson Blasts Michael Musto

So if you are a fan of Nelson Sullivan, the club kids and New York nightlife, you are probably aware of gossip columnist Michael Musto. Last night on Tucker Carlson’s show  on Fox news, Carlson blasted Musto for an article he wrote for Out Magazine called What to do when your friend is a gay republican.

Tucker said, “His advice was pretty simple; Cut of that friend, totally and permanently because friendship is nothing compared to partisan politics.” Carlson went on to share a quote from Musto’s article, “…Am I supposed to understand that a gay friend is simply concerned about tax breaks and therefore can’t be bothered to devote any energy to little things like human rights, Bye Felicia!… friendship over.”

Tucker went on to say, “Obviously it’s pretty intolerant of Musto, but also but also kind of tragic. Friendships with different people is how you become open minded. It cultivates compassion, sharp in’s the intellect produces a lot of new experiences..”

Carlson goes on to say that they had invited Musto on the show but, “He refused, instead he retreated to every cowards favorite refuge, twitter.” Musto went on twitter to explain that  he didn’t respond to Tucker Carlson’s request because his words would be twisted, because twisted is the definition if fox news.

Tuckers response was, “Well it’s hard to imagine us twisting your words Michael Musto into something dumber than what you just said. Despite the insult our offer remains open.. It’s always open  to someone who has written something we disagree with, Unlike you we believe their is benefit to open discussion and confrontation  and we don’t think you should right people off just because the disagree with you because we’re not mindless.”

Carlson then brought on Albert, a gay republican and asked him “Would you be willing to be friends with Michael Musto?” Albert replied “No, he seems like somebody who would probably want to talk over me and tell me why I’m a bigot and why everything I believe is wrong before he knows anything about my political beliefs.. I don’t want to be friends with somebody who’s intolerant.”


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