Club Kid, Ernie Glam

Born Ernie Garcia, Ernie glam became one of the most prominent New York Club Kids and to this day he remains one of the most visible.

In Episode #80 of Ernie’s YouTube show that he co-hosts with Michael Alig; They discuss how Ernie first me Michael Alig. Alig said, “I remember the first time I saw you.. was at Cocobana. It was in the bathroom.. and you had a pipe cleaner.. mustache and I think you were hanging out with Billy Beyond and that impressed me, although I hate Billy Beyond now, but at the time.. I thought that anyone who associated with him must be fabulous.” At this Ernie replied, ” And you were right.”

Michael went on to share his first impession of Glam, saying, ” He reminded me of .. this combination of Dr. Seuss and Mr. Spock. So we exchanged numbers and very soon after that we went to Germany.” When Alig was throwing the weekly Disco 2000 party at Limelight, Ernie Glam was chosen to play Clara the go-go dancing chicken, who would often be found dancing in a cage over the dance floor. In the Party Monster Shockumentary, Glam said ” There was a very sleazy side of Disco 2000 and about 4 months into the event he finally started to get the mixture balance and he realized that sex was an important component.”

Ernie was also in attendance at Michael Alig’s Outlaw parties which were spontaneous events hosted in public places like McDonald’s and the NY Subway. In Glory Daze, Glam spoke on what it was like in New York during that time, saying, “New York was really run down. It was 1984, the subways were an absolute mess, there was graffiti every where, the city was dirty. It was kind of lawless and scary.”

Ernie became the advertising editor for Project X Magazine; Michael Alig and Julie Jewels founded. Project X ran for about 7 years. On an episode of Richard Bey’s talk show that featured the club kids. Glam said that he would have meetings with advertisers in his outrageous club kid attire because, “Most of the advertisers for project X would be less likely to advertise if I was wearing a suit and tie.”

In episode #73 of the pew, they were discussing the creative differences between Alig and Jewels, who wanted the publication to be more main stream. Glam said, “Having been in the middle of it because I actually worked in the office with Julie in the day time and there were conflicting editorial Priorities, Is my way of putting it.. And the fights went on and on until the magazine folded.”

In 2014 James St. James wrote an article for in which he wrote of Glam, ” Is a staff writer for the Journal News in White Plains and wrote the foreword to Alexis Diblasio’s club kid photo exhibition and book Fabulosity—A Night You’ll Never Forget … or Remember.”

In episode #311 of the Peee-ew Glam explains why he didn’t do a cameo in party monster. Glam said, “I wasn’t in Party Monster because at the time they were filming it they kept calling me and I was really busy cause I had just started a new job.”

Glam has published 2 books in recent years; Darkest Tunnel in 2015 and 69 Hangovers in 2016. Ernie is also producer of FlouncyTV on YouTube & can currently be seen on line as the co-host of The Peeew! You can follow Ernie Glam On twitter at @ErnieGlam.



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