Christina Superstars Ex On Her Past And Personality.

I want to share today what Christina Superstar’s ex, Lori Gurski had to say about Christina’s life and Personality. Again I would like to thank Lori for sharing the information.

Lori wrote, “Chris was born May 19, 1954 and I think he was more a Gemini than a Taurus.   We had a mutual friend Brian Martine Martino. He also graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with Chris. He lived in New York City and was attending Parsons when we first arrived.”

Gurski went on to describe Christina’s secret passion, writing, ”  Christina led a secret life as a dominatrix. This was her passion. She had many submissives and often frequented clubs such as Hellfire Club and Club O.” These were BDSM clubs in NYC meat packing district.

Lori went on to list some other things that Christina liked, “She loved the music from the 1960’s to the 70’s such as Cream, Velvet Underground, and Zappa,etc. She especially loved the artist Andy Warhol. She adored Nico and so she became her.” Nico was one of Andy Warhol’s stars, one described as a Nordic looking Ice Princess, who was also a singer who recorded with Velvet Underground. Nico died 18 July 1988, following a heart attack she suffered while bike riding.

Gurski wrote, “Her beverage of choice was Beefeater Gin.” This explains superstars Beefeater Poster that she brought and featured during her 1988 birthday party, that can be viewed on YouTube.

As for what Christina thoughts about people in general and what happened to her art work here is what Lori wrote, “She depised everyone except for me and Martine. She felt everybody else served a purpose but could easily be deposed of at some point. I have artwork but she never gave any or few away. I met Nelson (Sullivan) once but never gave a thought to his films.”

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