Club Kid, Screamin Rachael

Wikipedia’s Screaming Rachel Page introduces her thusly, “Screamin Rachael, a Chicago native, was born Rachael Cain. Dubbed the “Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine. Rachael has been instrumental in the rise of the House genre. As the co-founder of Trax Records created in 1983 with Larry Sherman, she’s worked with artists such as Grandmaster Melle Mel, Marshall Jefferson, Colonel Abrams, Afrika Bambaataa, and many others.”

On her career some of what Wikipedia wrote, “When Screamin Rachael signed with Trax, she was the first house artist to have a major label deal. “Fun with Bad Boys,” which she recorded in 1987 with her friend and mentor, Afrika Bambaataa, was also the springboard that launched the Hip House sound[. In the 1990s, Rachael lost control of the Trax Records label. She bought it back in the late 2000s, and as president,solely owns the label.” did an article on Rachel, writing, “She was particularly known as the hostess of a very successful star-studded weekly party at the posh Upper East Side club, Tatou where she also performed with her band and numerous guest singers. It was here that she met Prince Teddy Khedker, a Maharaja, who wanted to make her the next Madonna. However, after the prince (and his wife) were found strangled in their uptown digs, Rachael became a tabloid sensation as the “other woman” in a murder scandal. Savvy girl, she consoled herself by telling her story on “Real Thing (Ode to Prince Teddy” which was released on Eight Ball Records in early 1994 and through licensing, became a #1 hit in France . At the same time she dove headfirst into the psychotic nightlife netherworld of club kids and party monsters, speeding around town with good pal and, club kid ringmaster Michael Alig. (Rachael was featured in the documentary film, Party Monster which later became the feature film of the same name starring Mc Caughly Culkin.) The playground of Disco 2000 (Limelight), The Tunnel, Palladium and Red Zone tilted a bit too much and Rachael slid home to Chicago to once again embrace her House roots. ”

On a 1984 appearance on Geraldo, Rachel was defending Michael Alig and the club kid culture when Geraldo asked, “Didn’t you get involved in a double homicide case, involving a very prosperous person? Is that the road to success?” Rachel responded, ” It can be, I mean scandal can be one way; but ..I had a lot of talent, I was listed as the Queen of House in Billboard magazine, far before that.”

In the party monster shockumeantary, Wikipedia writes, ” Michael Alig details his and Gitsie‘s cross country drive after Alig and his roommate, Robert D. “Freeze” Riggs, had murdered Angel Melendez. The trip included a visit to Alig’s friend, Screamin Rachael, who promptly released a song based on Angel’s disappearance and rumors about his murder, titled “Give Me My Freedom/Murder in Clubland”

Racher Interviewed Alig in the summer of 2014 for the vamp bikers channel on youtube there didn’t appear to be any bad blood between them.

In 2007, Rachael founded a new label, called Phuture Trax Records. That, and the TV show Trax Television, are owned and operated 100% by Rachael, along with the Trax trademark

Her appearences in films,  books and television include The history of house music, Nightclubbing, The last party, party monster and the shockumetary and glory daze the life and times of Michael Alig.

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